Free Scalable Distributed Design Instruct Session in Johannesburg – 25 September 2015


Join us for a presentation by Chris Tite, entrepreneur, architect and speaker on Scalable Distributed Design hosted by Microsoft Bizspark at the Microsoft offices in Bryanston, JHB.

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Designing scalable distributed systems is not an easy task; it requires a completely different approach to system architecture design. A key consideration in distributed systems is the need to maintain consistency, availability and reliability in the face of system failures. New technologies are at hand to make it easier to implement distributed systems, but are no silver bullet when it comes to designing such systems.

A key principle of distributed system design is Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). Implemented correctly, SOA reduces unnecessary dependencies that can over time creep into large systems concretising interactions and integrations that should ideally remain flexible. The real practice of SOA reduces and resolves the “corporate arthritis” and injects flexibility back into your systems, encouraging the reuse of functionality and reducing the total maintenance costs of operations and development.

In this session Chris introduces the principle of distributed system design, giving insights to help you apply what you learn in a practical way. The session will cover;

  • SOA Architectural patterns
  • Introduction to the Service Bus
  • Hands-on with NServiceBus:
    • An introduction to NServiceBus
    • Setting up the environment
    • Writing a SOA empowered application with NServiceBus
  • Practical examples of Kaleidocode implementations.

For more information about the speaker please see NServiceBus is a product of Particular Software. They describe it it as “The most developer-friendly service bus for .NET”. NServiceBus is a service bus technology used by 50,000 developers globally.

To review videos of previous KC Instruct events, please click HERE.

Date: 25 September 2014
Time: 09:00 to 11:00
Venue: Microsoft Johannesburg Office, Auditorium 1, 3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191


To register for this event please click HERE.



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