Free Instruct Event – Xamarin Mobile Apps Unpacked


Join us for a coffee and muffin Instruct event hosted by Chris Tite (entrepreneur, architect and speaker) and joined by Kaleidocode Developers, Steven van der Merwe and Divan Visagie on Xamarin Mobile Apps Unpacked.

Eventbrite - Xamarin Mobile Apps Unpacked

KitKat, Jelly Bean, iOS, Windows Mobile …

Where on earth do you start when you get into mobile development!

Mobile applications development is an ever shifting space, and transitioning into this environment means a steep learning curve. Differing operating platforms and the various development environments add layers of complexity!

The Kaleidocode team faced a mountain of questions when we started mobile development on a large enterprise driven application. In an attempt to modify the extremity of learning required and accommodate the myriad of operating platforms, we reached for Xamarin Studio.

Join us for coffee and muffins as we share the tales of trials and triumphs we experienced when embarking on this journey.

In this session we look at;

  • Xamarin Studio, why this particular tooling?
  • A demonstration on writing an iOS and Android app using a common C# code base.
  • The good, the bad and downright ugly truth about developing mobile apps.
  • The future of Xamarin using Xamarin Forms.

For more information about Chris please see

For an invitation contact Chris at or Rory at / 031 303 2299 or register below.

Eventbrite - Xamarin Mobile Apps Unpacked

To review the video of the last KC Instruct event, Domain Driven Design go to or catch up with all past events at


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