Scalable Distributed Design – Let me show you my architectures

inStruct event recorded at SA Agile, 21 April 2016.

Architects, those that design buildings, study architecture from the past to the present to best understand their craft.

As software developers we aren’t easily afforded this opportunity, this has always frustrated me, and has thus lead me to always want to share with my fellow craftsmen.
In this talk I lift the veil on two of my enterprise projects implemented using a message based architecture.

I walk through the architecture of the projects highlighting the SOA patterns used.
The first architecture focuses on patterns employed for performance and scalability and the second focuses on big data principles for data visualization using projections .

This presentation also focuses on the do’s and don’ts when designing a scalable message based architecture, as well as potential technology you may consider such as NServiceBus.


Kind thanks to SA Home Loans who sponsored and hosted the event.

Chris Tite presenting on “Evolutionary database design” at Agile User Group

schemaonlydbFor many decades now both developers and DBA’s have viewed the database as somewhat of a slow moving monolith which should be altered as little as possible and designed very clearly upfront. This mind set often leads to large parts of the database becoming unused but never being cleaned. It also leads to the classic issue of tables that no one wants to clean out because they still contain a single column that is being used by some part of the solution… but no one remembers why or how.

Databases, like our code, are an integral cog in the solutions we work with. This is especially true in the Enterprise space, and as such need to be maintained and refactored with the same diligence as code. Refactoring a database! An absurd concept!

Join us at the Durban Agile User Group September 2014 Meet-up hosted at SA Home Loans on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 5:30 PM where Chris Tite will share how his team has been applying agile principles in database design and maintenance on their projects and products with great success.

Chris will be sharing the practices and principles applied to some of their largest and most complex databases, including a banking product, run by one of South Africa’s largest banks, which managed 2 Billion Rand per annum and was successfully migrated between major versions 2.0 to 4.2 with minimal downtime.